Leading Hybrid Event Design and Execution

Since March of 2020, we have hosted almost 10,000 attendees at 80+ events, for 35+ organizations.

We mastered virtual events, and now we are creating intimate hybrid experiences that are more than a livestream.

We build stronger communities by serving

Local and state governments

Making the most of our government funds is important. We know how to help you leverage funds in a way that leads to high impact results. Most of the time one and done events are not the best idea. We like to see event series gain momentum over time.

Professional Organizations and Associations

Your members expect options, and we know that the true value of conferences is the networking. We help get people connected regardless of where they participate. Then we help them stay connected through a variety of means that enhance asynchronous engagement after the event.

Small and Medium Sized Corporations

Quarterly sales meetings and annual leadership conferences serve as major motivators. Save the expense and produce a quality experience that still has a positive ROI.

Your path to success is simple when you leverage our tech and our team at every stage.

Backstage view of a speaker speaking to an audience.

Before the Event,

we help design the experience and establish a budget. Then we help you source everything.

  • places and platforms
  • production teams
  • presenters and party people

During the event,

there is no need to stress, we handle everything!

  • manage the production
  • meet the people where they are
  • make you, our client, look good
Video camera in focus with a stage and female speaker blurred in front of the camera.
Hand touching tablet with a data dashboard and the other hand in on a keyboard.

After the event,

there is still lots to do! We don’t leave you hanging, we

  • compile the data
  • close the loops
  • continue nurturing the community

What our clients are saying about us…

Modern Community Events thought of things during the design stage that wouldn’t have crossed my mind. They know how to add to the flow, and they have great contacts to add lots of fun elements too.

Jayne Bischoff
Consultant, Wisconsin DPI

During the event, I didn’t even break a sweat. I just sat back and watched the chat. It was fun seeing everyone so engaged.

Sharyl Allen,
Deputy State Superintendent, Montana

The data made our event sponsors and exhibitors really happy. The Modern Community Events team put all of the data together in a format we could understand and use.

Tom Davis
Event Organizer, Center for Educational Innovation

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